Torani Syrup Flavors | Where to Buy Torani Syrup

Torani Flavors for Coffeehouses

Some of the top Torani Flavors for coffee houses include staples like Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Almond.  Each of these has a couple of different variants, so you can experiment to find the flavor that compliments your coffees best.  We have a Salted Caramel that you may prefer over standard Caramel for lattes and mochas. Our three different Hazelnuts can be used to combine unique profiles for each drink.  We carry every item Torani makes so we’ll always have Pumpkin Pie Syrup for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, seasonal Christmas drinks with Peppermint Syrup, and mochas with our Chocolate Milano Syrup.  Since we’re a wholesale distributor of Torani we’re able to bring you the best prices everyday.

Torani Syrup Flavors for Desserts & Sodas

The possibilities are endless for creating desserts and sodas with Torani Syrup Flavors!  Some people prefer a berry flavor like Strawberry, Raspberry, or Blackberry for Sodas. Others will use fruity flavoring for desserts like peach, cherry, watermelon or mango.  Sometimes you need something sweet and savory like Caramel or Coconut. For Milkshakes, Frozen Yogurt, and Ice Cream shops may want to use a fan favorite like French Vanilla or Salted Caramel.

We’re Where to Buy Torani Syrup

Restaurant Supply Drop is America’s choice of where to buy Torani Syrup. Since we only handle wholesale orders for dessert shops, frozen yogurt stores, and other food service businesses, we’re able to bring you the best pricing possible.  We carry the full product line of syrups and while we try to make it easy to shop online, you’re welcomed to call one of our knowledgeable cafe supply reps at 310-988-2144.