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Tea Zone Premium Lychee Honey is one of our wide variety of honies and syrups. Restaurant Supply Drop carries all Tea Zone products, shop assured we'll have any flavor you need. Fresh out of the nectar of lychee orchards, this premium honey has a fresh, fruity flavor to arouse the senses. The flavor of the lychee fruit shines through making this a delicious honey that can be used to sweeten all beverages and desserts. Our premium line is concentrated for a higher quality of flavor.  This is great for bubble tea stores, ice cream shops, frozen yogurt stands, and coffee houses.

Tea Zone Syrup Sold As: Bottle (71.4 fl. oz.)

  • Tea Zone Lychee Honey Ingredients:

    Fructose, Honey, Artificial Flavors, Caramel Colors


Get creative in the kitchen with high-quality drink and dessert ingredients by our partner Tea Zone. Discover our unique flavored syrups, drink powders and tea leaves. Tea Zone offers a variety of flavored powders that can be used to sweeten creamy milk teas, or to create smoothies, slushes, and many other blended beverages. Similarly, Tea Zone syrups are available in many fruity flavors that will perfectly enhance the flavor of teas, sodas, cocktails and many other delicious beverages. Boba, popping pearls, mochi and jellies will add a hint of excitement to your finished product. Top off your desserts and add some fun to your drinks with delicious add-ons. Whether you run a tea shop, café, restaurant, bakery, or yogurt shop Tea Zone’s large selection will allow you to craft endless combinations of unique drinks and desserts.

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Tea Zone Syrups can be found in virtually every bubble tea shop. Restaurant Supply Drop is a leader in U.S. coffee, bubble tea, and dessert shop supplies. We have all the supplies to operate a bubble tea shop: Plastic Cup Sealing Machine, Bubble Tea Cups, Custom Printed Cups, Frappe Mix Powders, Shaved Ice Supplies, and Boba Tapioca Pearls.

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