White Microwavable Folded Paper #1 Takeout Boxes - Karat Small Fold-To-Go Container - 30oz - 4.3" X 3.5" X 2.4" - 450 Count

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Present your food nicely in our small kraft microwavable folded paper #1 take-out container

Ideal for sides or appetizer, this is your choice for delivering a sleek and stylish presentation. These are found in restaurants, bakeries, and caterers across the country. What all of these places have in common is that they care about their presentation, making these our choice of #1 containers. The sleek look works for high end leftovers or casual takeout orders.


The containers are strong enough to maintain their structure during third party delivery. The sturdy design is leak resistant and doesn’t absorb moisture. Making it perfect for greasy foods or liquid sauces.


Eco-friendly containers for restaurants looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Versatile boxes that can be used in a number of differ quick serve restaurant settings.

Microwavable Paper Boxes

Kraft #1 containers are microwave friendly, making reheating leftovers fast and easy. The folding top flaps fit into place quickly, keeping food hot and secure for deliveries.


These are easily stacked, enabling your kitchen to operate quickly. Deli’s will even leave these out for patrons to fill on their own. The speed and efficiency of stacking helps with fast paced dinner takeout orders.

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Small White Microwavable Takeout Box

30 oz Fold-To-Go Boxes have a high-end design that gives your food an impressive presentation. Ready to serve, including items with sauces. Perfect for hot foods or cold dishes and sauces. Our Fold-To-Go Boxes are leak proof, heavy duty, microwavable, stackable, and grease resistant. We offer these wholesale to-go containers in three sizes to offer you flexible storage and take-out options.

Manufacturers UPC - Karat: 877183009775

Case Size: Case 450 boxes

  • Volume: 30oz
  • White
  • Dimensions: 4.3"x3.5"x2.4"
  • Available Colors: White, Kraft
  • Available Sizes: 30oz, 48oz, 54oz, 76oz, and 110oz
  • Fold To Go Box: Case 450 boxes (50 pieces in a sleeve / 9 sleeves per case)

Wholesale Paper Fold-To-Go Box Distributor

Carry Out Containers are a trend across restaurants and QSR's across the country -- these are growingly popular for take out orders. As one of Americas top restaurant suppliers, we have all the food packaging you'll need: Chinese Take Out Boxes, Hinged Take Out Containers, To-Go Bags, Aluminum Foil Containers, Portion Cups, Plastic Cups with Lids, Plastic Utensils and Chopsticks.

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