To Go Soup Containers 6oz Gourmet Food Cup - Leaf (96mm) - 500 ct-Karat

To Go Soup Containers 6oz Gourmet Food Cup - Leaf (96mm) - 500 ct

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6 oz To Go Soup Containers and Gourmet Food Cups are perfect for soups, stews, noodles, side dishes, and other food packaging needs. These are cost effective and save space. Available in our Custom Printing, White, or Leaf Design. For cold items, don't forget about lower priced Paper Food Cups.

Manufacturers UPC - Karat: 814756023042

To Go Soup Containers: 500 Cups per a Case

6 oz To Go Soup Containers and Cups

  • Volume: 6oz
  • Style: Leaf
  • Width for Lid: 96mm
  • Other Styles: White and Leaf
  • Other Sizes: 6oz, 10/12oz, and 16oz
  • Gourmet Food Cups:500 Cups per a Case (25 pieces in a sleeve / 20 sleeves in each case)

Wholesale 6 ounce To Go Soup Containers and Food Cups Distributor

To Go Soup Cups are ideal for anyone serving soup in a take out or grocery settings. We're a top American supplier for restaurants across the country. We have everything you'll need for your to-go packaging: Hinged Carry Out Containers, Aluminum Foil Containers, Portion Cups, Plastic Cups with Lids, To-Go Bags, and Spoons.

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