Commercial Snow Cone Machine Shaver & Shaved Ice Machine

What brand commercial snow cone machine do you carry?

We carry only the most trusted brand of commercial snow cone machine - Hatsuyuki!  If you want an item that’s going to work consistently over and over, then it’s the Hatsuyuki snow cone machine.  This is the premiere brand in the industry because they are dependable and have spent years building their reputation as the go to for professional snow cone machines.  We put our trust in them, you can too!

What makes this snow ice machine better than others?

Our shave ice machine options are all compact and simply to put in your store.  Plus, they’re pretty easy to use too, so you don’t need something else complicated in your store.  The adjustable blade control allows you to pick the ice size that’s right for you. You can do everything from a snowy fresh option or a coarse icy texture, it’s your choice what your stores signature is! Hatsuyuki’s straightforward and easy to use machines allow you to focus on keep your customers happy and coming back for more!

These may be compact space wise, but these allow you to turn a profit margin of over 95%.  

Does the ice shaver machine operate with blocks of ice or standard ice from a machine?

Great question!  Hatsuyuki makes an ice shaver machine that operates on frozen blocks of ice and other machines that use standard ice.  This is a very important choice because it will affect how your dessert turns out! If you used frozen blocks of ice, it’ll be fluffy and lite, ready to be infused with flavor - it won’t have that standard crunch that people are used to with ice.  If you use standard ice cubes, it will be fluffy with a slight crunch to it, some people prefer the crunch. The choice is yours!