DaVinci Chocolate Sauce (64oz)

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with DaVinci Chocolate Sauce! This 64oz bottle is bursting with flavor, unleashing a chocolatey adventure for you to explore. Jump into delectable decadence and indulge in rich, velvety goodness that will keep you coming back for more! Take your taste buds on a thrilling ride with DaVinci Chocolate Sauce! Every spoonful oozes with tempting, indulgent flavor that can transform any ordinary dish into a captivating culinary experience. Satisfy your cravings and unleash your inner chocoholic!

Classic Chocolate Sauce from DaVinci Gourmet unleashes a decadent taste of sweet, rich cocoa in convenient 0.5 gallon jugs, ready for flavoring or drizzling coffee, mochas, frappes, cocoas and desserts. Davinci gourmet is the syrup of choice for cafes, bartenders, full-service restaurants, and quick-serve beverage spots!

Unit Sold By: Jug 0.5 gallon (64oz)

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