Chicken Bucket 130oz Paper Food Buckets with Lids (215mm) - 125 count-Karat

Chicken Bucket 130oz Paper Food Buckets with Lids (215mm) - 125 count

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130 oz Food Buckets are commonly used as Chicken Buckets, but also used for pastries, popcorn, and other large items. Every bucket comes with matching flat paper lids that fit perfectly in these to-go containers. Get your restaurant's supply today and stock up with our wholesale prices and Custom Printing.

Manufacturers UPC - Karat: 877183004770

Paper Food Buckets: Case 125 buckets and lids

130 oz Paper Food Buckets:

  • Volume: 130oz
  • White
  • Diameter: 215mm
  • Other Sizes: 85oz, 130oz, and 170oz
  • Paper Chicken Buckets: Case 125 buckets and lids

Wholesale 130 oz Paper Food Buckets and Chicken Bucket Distributor Distributor

Paper Buckets are the perfect solution for fried chicken containers, popcorn buckets, pastries, and other large food items. As one of the USA's premiere restaurant suppliers, we have everything you'll need for carry out supplies: Hinged Carry Out Containers, Chinese Carry Out Boxes, Aluminum Foil Containers, To-Go Bags, Portion Cups, Plastic Cups with Lids, and Plastic Utensils.

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