Eight Simple Ways You Can Help Maintain Restaurant and Hotel Equipment

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Restaurant and Hotel Equipment

If you have been running a commercial kitchen or a food business, you can easily understand how difficult it is to maintain excellent food quality. This is particularly true in today's times of intense competition.

 One crucial element that plays a pivotal role in upkeeping fantastic food quality is the maintenance of hotel equipment. As no commercial kitchen can operate without the best quality restaurant catering supplies, it is necessary to ensure the best care of restaurant utensils to help the cooks prepare excellent quality food without facing any issues.

Just like restaurant catering supplies, restaurant utensils are an integral part of a restaurant's operational system and must be kept professionally to avoid interruption to business operations. For your reference, here are eight proven tips on maintaining your restaurant and hotel equipment.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Just like it is essential to wear restaurant gloves to maintain food hygiene, it is vital to keep the restaurant equipment clean and sterilized to avoid the accumulation of food particles, filth, rust, and debris. The wear and tear of filthy kitchen equipment occur gradually over time. However, by frequently cleaning and sanitizing equipment, you may lessen the danger and extend the life of the equipment. Use mild soapy water to clean stainless steel equipment; consult the owner's manual or a professional if you are unsure how to clean and disinfect your appliance.

Schedule Maintenance Program

Schedule regular maintenance on your kitchen or refrigeration equipment with a certified service expert. This aids in safety precautions and ensuring that your kitchen equipment is operating at top efficiency, eliminating unplanned interruptions to your business.

Do Timely Repair

After years of usage, parts and components wear out. When you find a damaged or noisy component, you must have it serviced by a trusted expert. However, keeping up with repairs and being proactive may keep your commercial kitchen equipment functioning for many years.

Clean Ducts and Vents

Your vent and hood ducts accumulate a lot of grease and food debris. Because of the build-up, you must contact a certified professional to complete a service cleaning every six months. In addition to the certified hood cleaning, your crew should wipe down the hood to keep it looking clean.

Check Equipment Warranties

The majority of professional restaurant cooking equipment comes with a manufacturer's guarantee. Therefore, if you fill out your warranty card for new equipment on time, your parts and labor should be accessible. Finally, you must register your equipment to be eligible for future parts or new appliances.

Clean Grease Filters

Cleaning your grease filters regularly is one of the simplest methods to minimize grease fires in your kitchen. Most restaurant kitchens clean their grease filters once a week. On the other hand, restaurants that prepare a lot of oily items may need to execute this service more frequently, if not daily. Grease filters capture grease and minimize the quantity of grease that enters the duct. Cleaning your grease filters regularly also helps reduce the quantity of dirt you remove from your restaurant cooking equipment.

Define Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Programs

Every day, clean your professional kitchen equipment. A monthly thorough clean should then be implemented. Cleaning guarantees that all trash and food particles from your equipment are eliminated. To prevent health and fire concerns, you should book your cleaning regularly and have the cleaning company or in-house workers follow a consistent cleaning plan. Cleaning includes washing and cleaning the commercial oven, as well as cleaning racks individually. Ensure that anybody cleaning your equipment follows the stainless steel cleaning recommendations.

Check The Temperatures

Everyone who works in a kitchen understands the value of precise temperatures. Food will be kept safe if your freezers and refrigerators are kept at the proper temperature. Likewise, the proper temperatures in your ovens will ensure that your food cooks properly. For convenience, most restaurant cooking equipment has a built-in thermometer. Nevertheless, do not take that reading literally.

Measure the temperatures of your refrigeration equipment manually every day. Compare this to the readings on the equipment and keep track of it daily. This enables you to see trends. If your industrial freezer or refrigerator gradually warms up, it might indicate a building issue. This allows you to contact a service technician before the device completely fails.

The Conclusion

Apart from following these given tips, make sure you invest in high-quality kitchen equipment. This would help you get the best outcome for your time, effort, and money. If taken in the best possible care, these equipment would serve you for many years. Be it restaurant gloves, wholesale catering supplies, disposable catering supplies, wholesale straws, catering utensils, it is recommended to choose quality products. Opt for the highest quality restaurant catering supplies from Restaurant Supply Drop today.

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