Choosing The Perfect Coffee Flavoring Syrup

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How to choose flavoring syrups for coffee shops and cafes.

Flavoring Syrup Brands

Before we proceed any further now, here is a list of four most preferred flavoring syrup brands out there in the market in no particular order of superiority.

  • DaVinci Gourmet Syrups

This brand is committed to quality, consistency and superior taste. Be it sugar-free syrup, all-natural syrups, cooking syrups or beverage syrups you can find every type with DaVinci Gourmet Syrup. Perfect for Cafes, Dessert Shops, and Smoothies.

  • Monin Syrups

Another favorite brand is Monin Syrup. They offer top-quality syrups for different applications. Monin also offers organic and all-natural syrups that contain no artificial flavors.   Found in coffee shops across the world.

  • Torani Syrups

Labeled as ‘The Original Italian Syrup’ Torani Syrup experiments with syrups over the years have now landed them as one of the top brands in flavored syrups. The possibilities to work with Torani’s flavored syrups are endless with syrups for every sort of recipe.  Setting the highest standard for coffee houses.

  • 1883 Maison Routin Syrups

When it comes to gourmet syrup, 1883 Maison Routin Syrup is our go-to brand.  They deliver an extra accent of flavor that goes above and beyond what some of our more common brands do.  These deliver a distinct flavor that allows you to set yourself apart from the competition while delivering a high-end taste.

  • Tea Zone Syrups

Perfect for Smoothies, Slushees, Milkshakes, Bubble Tea, and Italian Soda’s! Tea Zone Syrup is thicker than most of the other syrups because of this they’re better suited to be used in beverages like Smoothies and Bubble Tea.  This rich thickness is perfect for other uses in desserts such as adding them to frozen yogurt or flavoring other frozen desserts.

  • Ghirardelli Sauces

When it comes to chocolate recipes, the sauce brand that you cannot miss out on is Ghirardelli. And apart from chocolate recipes, they have sauces and chips for different types of application.  The rich flavors that you’ve come to love from this world-class brand.

How to Choose Flavoring Syrups

With so many ways to use flavoring syrups including sauces and sweeteners, it can become quite confusing at first if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Using the wrong syrup can also spoil the food or drink. So, here’s a simple breakdown to assist you on how to mix and match these syrups for that perfect blend.

  • Flavoring sauces generally blend well in coffee, espresso, beverage, dessert toppings, dessert garnishes, and plating decorations.
  • Drink flavoring syrups go well with any drinks.
  • Fruit flavoring syrups are ideal in drinks, cooking, and baking.
  • Sweetener syrups blend well in coffee, espresso, cooking, and baking.
  • Cooking flavoring syrups is suitable for coffee, espresso, cooking, and baking.
  • Coffee flavoring syrups mostly work well only with coffee and espresso.

The above combination is only meant to serve as a rundown if you’re at a loss on how to go about mixing your syrups. There is no hard and fast rule that you should follow these combinations. It also varies from a person’s taste buds, so you can do whichever combination works best for you and your guests.

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