Fold-To-Go Box 76oz Carry Out Container #3 - Kraft - 200 count

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76 oz Fold-To-Go Boxes have a high-end design that gives your food an impressive presentation. Ready to serve, including items with sauces. Perfect for hot foods or cold dishes and sauces. Our Fold-To-Go Boxes are leak proof, heavy duty, microwavable, stackable, and grease resistant. We offer these wholesale to-go containers in three sizes to offer you flexible storage and take-out options.

Manufacters UPC - Karat: 815812018804

Carry Out Containers: Case 200 boxes

76 oz Carry Out Containers:

  • Volume: 76oz
  • Kraft
  • Dimensions: 7.8"x5.5"x2.4"
  • Other Colors: Kraft, White
  • Other Sizes: 30oz, 48oz, 54oz, 76oz, and 110oz
  • Fold To Go Box: Case 200 boxes (50 pieces in a sleeve / 4 sleeves per case)

Wholesale 76 ounce Carry Out Containers and Fold-To-Go Box Distributor

Carry Out Containers are a trend across restaurants and QSR's across the country -- these are growingly popular for take out orders. As one of Americas top restaurant suppliers, we have all the food packaging you'll need: Chinese Take Out Boxes, Hinged Take Out Containers, To-Go Bags, Aluminum Foil Containers, Portion Cups, Plastic Cups with Lids, Plastic Utensils and Chopsticks.

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