Harney & Sons Classic Paris Tea - 20 Sachet Tin

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The unforgetable fruity blend is a tip of the hat to Parisian tea shops. This black tea has a flavor profile that includes various fruits, vanilla, and caramel, even a dash of Bergamot. This is a customer favorite!

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Units Sold By: Tin (20 Sachets)


  • Dry Leaves: This complex tea is the blend of three teas, the leaves are black and natural and artificial flavors are added to create this spectacular tea
  • Liquor: The liquor is medium to dark brown
  • Aroma: This tea smells like an Earl Grey with black currant and vanilla aromas and a hint of caramel
  • Caffeine Level: 40-60mg per sachet
  • Body: This tea has a medium body
  • Flavors: Similar to the aroma, this tea smells sweet like caramel and has a fruity flavor of black currants. You can also taste a hint of vanilla
  • Brewing Time: 4 to 5 minutes
  • Brewing Temperature: 212Ì_åÇí«í? F
  • Certified: Kosher

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