Harney & Sons Wrapped Japanese Sencha Tea - 20 Sachet Box

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The Kaburagi family are known across Tokyo and Japan as the top supplier of tea. They've sold to Americans for over 100 years. The Kaburagi family supply this pleasant Sencha that is from Shizuoka. Harney & Sons founder, John Harney drank this tea every day for 10 years as he loved the flavor and antioxidant effects..

UPC Individual Box: 636046355271

Units Sold By: Box (20 wrapped sachets)


  • Dry Leaves: The leaves from this tea are a medium lime green color. Since this is a traditional sencha (futsumushi) the leaves are more identifiable than in the deep steamed (fukamushi).
  • Liquor: The liquor is a medium green, not as intense as the Ichiban. The green is a truer green than the Bancha, which tends more towards yellow.
  • Aroma: Our Japanese Sencha has pleasant spinachy notes, with slight roast flavors that are similar to toasted bread
  • Caffeine Level: 30-50mg per sachet
  • Body: As a mid-season Sencha, this green tea has good levels of amino acids and more body than most green teas
  • Flavors: This is a very pleasant green tea. The mild vegetal flavors with light accents of citrus and toast make this a tea that can handle all your moods - every day.
  • Brewing Time: 1 to 2 minutes
  • Brewing Temperature: 160Ì_åÇí«í? F
  • Certified: Kosher

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